The Big Bear Stompers are the flag wavers of the West Coast Traditional Jazz sound as exemplified by Lu Watters & Turk Murphy in the San Francisco area of the USA in the 1940s. The band was founded by Dave Moorwood and trumpeter Clive Whitlock in 1989 and blew up a storm for the next 10 years until Dave's commitment to the Pete Allen Band resulted in a eriod of hibernation. In 2004 the 2nd phase Big Bears emerged and soon reclaimed top spot until the pandemic caused another pause.

So now the Bears are entering a third phase with the magic still intact, partly because Dave (banjo, vocals & arrangements) Andy Crisp, drums and judy Eames, vocals, were all part of the original concept, while the superb clarinet & sax of Mike Wills and the magnificent sousaphone of John Arthy are also long term members. The sudden death of Tony Davis, who had made the 2nd trumpet chair his own, and the retirement of Perry Lock (piona) were a big shock but now various phase 2 players have rallied to the cause so we can call on trumpeters Ben Cummings, Andy Woon or Harry Evans and trombonists Chris Chris Gower or Graham Hughes to take up their Big Bear mantles. The piano chair has become a bit of a moveable feast, at present ably filled by the splendid Tim Huskisson

There are few indeed of the nation's top musicians, past & present who have not at some time gested with the Bears, including Humph, Acker & Kenny Ball, not to mention visiting Americans, including Turk Murphy stalwart Jim Maihack, pianist Jeff Barnhart and trombonist Jim Fryer.

The Bears are always popular at Festivals and Jazz Clubs wiht their classic jazz repertoire and exciting brassy sound, right at the centre of the traditional jazz scene yet with something unique to offer.

So come to hear this fabulous band at the first opportunity, or book it for your event, festival or club - you won't be disappointed. Three of the bands CD's are still available "The Emperor Strikes Back" (2007 Lains Barn), "The Phoenix" (2010 Keswick festival - The title track beign one of the Dave's original compositions) & "Sweet Like This" (2016 Bude Festival) There are samples on the CD page and they can be ordered from Dave.