Zelda’s Jazz Room, August 2018 Jazz at the Lamb, August 2018

August Jazz Notes

Time to take up the pen again (does anyone actually use a pen any more?)

A goodly crowd came to see and hear Matt Palmer and were surprised to find yours truly in the rhythm section. So was I, though I have depped in Matt’s bands many times over the years. However my good friend Brian Mellor managed to double book himself so there I was (it’s an ill wind). I am therefore rather biased but it seemed to me the band was playing particularly well and played a really nice programme. I certainly enjoyed it!

August sees a return of another longstanding friend, Tad Newton, with his current Jazz Friends. Tad’s programmes usually include some more “mainstream” numbers but also plenty of traditional tunes as well. It is always a very musicianly band and has a splendid rhythm section including Alan Haughton, piano, Tomas Pedersen, bass and Ronnie Fenn, drums. I’m not sure at the moment but rather hope Gary Wood will be on trumpet. Come and see! It will be a good night anyway – and we’re still solvent – just!

I also greatly enjoy working with trumpeter Andy Woon who was our guest at the Lamb. He has very wide taste and loves the challenge of tunes he seldom gets a chance to play (never in some cases). His affinity to the work of Bix Beiderbecke is wonderful but so is his muted playing on Duke Ellington pieces. A lovely evening.

We have a new guest in August, a fantastic trombone player. He depped for Chris Gower in the Big Bears recently and was superb so I promptly asked to come and be an honorary Rascal. His name is Adrian Fry and you will be knocked out by his playing. Mike Wills has family business to attend to so Sue Greenway will don her Rascal shirt again and take his place. She is such a good player, apparently able to take on any role asked of her (She’s playing piccolo and sax in the stage band for the show “Chicago” at the moment.)

What else can we offer you? Sunday 5th, Newbury Chequers, 3pm Pete Allen with guest the wonderful Val Wiseman. Theale Village Hall has Graeme Hewitt's HSJB every single Tuesday plus Amy Roberts (7th), Enrico Tomasso (14th) (I’m away with the Rascals in Droitwich so I’ll miss him again – curses!), Andy Dickens again (21st). You’ll have to check on the 28th – I can’t keep up with it!

That’ll do for now – enjoy the splendid jazz that’s on offer – use it or lose it don’t they say! We do greatly value your incredibly loyal support and will endeavour to live up to it. Keep Jazzing!