Zelda’s Jazz Room, May 2019 Jazz at the Lamb, May 2019

May Jazz Notes

Welcome to another set of Jazz Notes.

Two great sessions to report on: – The Sunset café Stompers at ZJR exceeded expectations if that’s possible. A good mix of familiar tunes and very seldom heard ones kept one wondering what would be next. Everything was beautifully played with a minimum of amplification and great musicianship from Trevor Whiting (one of our favourite reed players), Steve Graham (cornet) and Pete Middleton (trombone). The excellent rhythm section, led by bandleader/ pianist, Mike Denham, included on banjo and guitar – unexpectedly – Keith Hall, who used to live in this area, and whom I replaced in the Royal Garden Jazzmen when he moved to Bristol some 30 years ago – playing as well as ever.

The following week we welcomed the fine Midlands trombonist Graham Woodhouse to the Lamb to join the Rascals. He’s a busy chap and his previous visit was some time ago, but he immediately settled in and produced an evening of fiery and exciting music, playing our arrangements to the manner born and generally enjoying himself. A great evening.

In May we are delighted to welcome Jeff Barnhart back to ZJR on one of his “pilgrimages” from the USA. He is a most exciting pianist with a knocked out vocal style, an encyclopaedic knowledge of our favourite music and a natural and entertaining way of putting it all across. The “Harlem Knights” will be with him as usual (including the wonderful Nick Ward on drums) and this time the focus will be “Back to New Orleans”. Not to be missed if you can possibly help it.

’ At the Lamb our guest will also be making a long awaited return visit. He is that fine reedman David Horniblow, and his presence means the Rascals will be able to dig out some of their 3 clarinet and three tenor sax arrangements. We are so lucky to be able to work with such excellent musicians – it’s as much fun for the band as it is for you, our faithful listeners, which I’m sure comes across to you. And of course it’s your presence that makes it possible.

Pete Allen will be at the Chequers Hotel, Newbury, at 3pm on Sunday May 19th – Pete and Andy Dickens on trumpet will front the regular rhythm team.

With our thanks for your support for our efforts to present the best of Jazz – Zelda & I look forward to seeing you.