Zelda’s Jazz Room, December 2018 Jazz at the Lamb, December 2018

December Jazz Notes

Well, another year has gone racing by, and it’s time to thank you all for your great support, without which of course it would all grind to a halt and I for one wouldn’t know what to do with myself!

What a superb session was provided for us by our new Italian friends, Dario, Alberto and Tommaso, with Andy Aitchison as a big bonus. I am already suggesting we would love to feature them if they come on tour here again – Brexit permitting! Gypsy Jazz bands always seem to have a very high level of instrumental skill and they were certainly no exception. Some magical moments.

December sees the return of Richard Leach’s 7 stars. Richard is a lovely trombonist and a very good bandleader and programmer. He takes his inspiration from the Alex Welsh band of fond memory, and a stalwart of that band, guitarist/banjoist Jim Douglas, will be with Richard. Also featured will be Gary Wood (trumpet) and John Hallam (reeds), two of my favourite players, so we’re in for a great night. Traditionally we also bring on the mince pies, and this time will be no exception.

You’ll be pleased to know we are not ending the year in the red for once, so a good turn out on December 19th will see us springing into the New Year with renewed confidence.

Andy, Anne & Lee at the Lamb also seem very happy with the business we generate. It was a delight to welcome Susanne Hodgson back to the bandstand, and she was on fine form. She is a very jazzy singer in quicker tempos, and when into a ballad – well you can see the steam rising!

Now pay attention please!! December’s session will be on a FRIDAY – the 28th (8pm as usual). This is normally the date when everyone has had enough of Christmas, the turkey is finished and everyone needs to get out and about before having to cope with New Year. So the Lamb is the place to be – a session with no guests so the Rascals can play all the tunes we don’t get to do at other times – and there are lots. We agonised over the date so I hope we’ve got it right (as t’was me who pushed for it.)

Tuesday evenings at Theale Village Hall feature Amy Roberts and Lester Brown (4th), Lester again (11th) and Ben Cummings (18th). Then a pause till January 8th.

The Rascals are at the Walnut Tree, Blisworth (near Northampton) on Sunday December 9th at midday for those of you in the North of our area.

There is no Newbury session at the Chequers with Pete Allen in January; they restart on February 17th.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and may the New Year be happy and healthy, and of course filled with good Jazz!