Zelda’s Jazz Room, September 2018 Jazz at the Lamb, September 2018

September Jazz Notes

First, as always a look back to August. Tad Newton’s Jazz Friends made a welcome return to ZJR. They are perhaps the most “mainstream” of the bands which visit us, and as one might expect this is a step too far for some of you, whereas for others it’s the best session of the year! Whatever your view the trumpet playing of Gary Wood is a delight which shouldn’t be missed and the rhythm team is a well honed swinging unit – fine musicians all three of them. Reed man Frank Griffith, an American now living in Europe, who hasn’t been to Wantage before also proved an interesting player with a lovely warm clarinet sound and a fairly “modern” approach to the tenor sax. We hope that whatever your taste you continue to support as many of our jazz nights as possible as you always have – you never know what will surprise you.

As expected, Adrian Fry’s visit to the Lamb produced some great music with wonderful trombone playing. We hope his visit will help make his name better known to everyone. He is also a fine arranger, working with many bands, large and small, but he enjoyed playing our charts, leaving me with a number of tips on writing trombone parts in particular!.

We pride ourselves on bringing different musicians to Wantage, and September is no exception. John Shillito’s band are all old friends, but with them we have not one but two musicians who went to New Orleans in the 1960s and stayed there, fitting into that music scene so well they became accepted as residents. Drummer Trevor Richards actually now lives in Frankfurt! and is over here visiting – and playing for us. The fine trumpeter Clive Wilson visited us last year us last year and I am delighted we have the chance to hear him again. I played with them both recently – they are on terrific form – and was pleased they have asked me to sit in with the band this time.

I’m also really pleased to say Kim Osmond will be singing with the Rascals again at the Lamb. She hasn’t been available lately, but it will be lovely to have her bubbly personality and interesting choice of songs with us again to give you a delightful evening’s music.

Graeme Hewitt usually informs people what’s on at Theale Village Hall, but in case you missed it guests are Enrico Tomasso (11th), Alan Brock (trumpet) and Dave Allison (reeds) (18th) – Graeme’s away – Pete Rudeforth (25th) with Mark Aston taking the reed role.

Then Graeme's back, but Zelda and I have a bit of a break – I’ll try and get a Jazz Notes out before we go so you know what’s going on.

Meanwhile keep Jazzing and take care.