Zelda’s Jazz Room, July 2019 Jazz at the Lamb, July 2019

July Jazz Notes

Welcome to another set of Jazz Notes.

Zelda and I could do with a regular helper to get the Comrades Club room ready with us and to put up the flyers and pictures. It means getting to the club about 7pm. We are indebted to Keith Cliff who has happily done this job for ages (with his late wife Pat in earlier days), but he is unable to continue, and it’s proving a bit too much for just the two of us, especially if I’m playing in the band. Do get in touch if you would like to help – perhaps a rota would be an idea?

I hope the now rather rare appearance of the Big Bears was as enjoyable for you as it was for the band. Every club would like to feature the sound but very few are prepared to afford it. ‘twas ever thus – back in 1950 Lu Watters himself had the same problem. However, thanks to your splendid support we showed it can be still done. There were a couple of “rusty” moments musically but otherwise the band played a programme of hot jazz which smaller bands simply can’t even attempt and the stomping spirit was well to the fore.

In July we welcome back friends of long standing – the excellent Savannah Jazz Band, still mostly from Yorkshire, still playing as well as ever and still with plenty of down to earth Yorkshire humour. They travel extensively – bandleader and drummer John Meehan once phoned me to ask me to help them with a four gig tour. “Where do I have to go first” I asked expecting an hour or two’s drive. “Only Edinburgh” came the answer! It was a good tour though.

An evening of joy occurred at the Lamb as well with an appearance by Kim Osmond who I introduce now as “the girl with a smile in her voice”. Events have conspired to keep her away from us for a while and I think everyone was delighted to see and hear her again. We will try not to have such a long gap before she comes again.

In July Mike Wills will be absent so we have TWO guests. The irrepressible Ben Cummings on trumpet and the super sax and clarinet skills of Sue Greenway. There’s a mouthwatering prospect (even though Mike himself is probably one of the finest players of the curved soprano sax in the country). He’ll be back in August.

I’m with Pete Allen at the Chequers in Newbury on Sunday, July 14 – Roger Marks is guest with Pete and the Rhythm section. Pete has his full itinerary on his website of course.

That’s it for now. Take care and Keep Jazzin’ – we look forward to seeing you soon.