Zelda’s Jazz Room, October 2018 Jazz at the Lamb, October 2018

October Jazz Notes

This month’s jazz notes were prepared rather early, and are apparently incomplete, but I shall be “otherwise engaged” at the time when I would normally apply pen to paper (or finger to qwerty).

So – I can’t tell how splendidly Kim sang at the Lamb as she hasn’t done it yet, though she will, and splendidly too.

I can tell you that our two special guests with the John Shillito band were on great form. Trumpeter Clive Wilson was born in London but went to New Orleans in 1964 where he fitted so well into the jazz scene, he made his home there. He certainly is a very fine trumpet player with an attractive vocal style as well.

I hadn’t met Trevor Richards before, but he proved a most excellent drummer. He too was born in England (Bexhill) and spent the early 60s touring Europe, Germany in particular. He then made the trip to the USA and also ended up in New Orleans. He returned to tour Europe with a band of New Orleans musicians, but in 1982 went back to N.O.,where he worked with Clive for several years. He now lives in Frankfurt.

Of course, John Shillito’s band suited them fine with a shouting performance from the redoubtable Bobby Fox, sinuous clarinet and alto by John Wurr, Jim Douglas, a great guitar player (all those years with Alex Welsh) and Pete Furnish, an excellent bass man. JS himself left quite a bit of the proceedings to Clive but made significant contributions periodically. Even a certain acoustic guitarist got a go – most enjoyable!

So – what’s next? “Baby Jools” – one of the youngest band leaders to appear at ZJR will shepherd the Jazzaholics on stage and proceed to deal with a set of drums in no uncertain manner. With him will be some longstanding friends (I refuse to call them old). The mercurial Denny Ilett on trumpet, the superb Karl Hird on reeds, and we hope the brilliant Mike Owen will be able to make it on trombone. The ubiquitous Brian Mellor will handle the strings and that bass slapper extraordinaire Jim Swinnerton completes the lineup. Not to be missed – (and a different adjective for each of them).

At the Lamb we have a new guest and one of the new generation of jazz musicians. He is multi-instrumentalist Michael McQuaid – probably first a player of anything with a reed in it but also a fine trumpeter. I met him playing in two different bands in Swanage (one with reedman David Horniblow and one with Enrico Tomasso – both past Rascals guests) How could I not ask him to come and be an honorary Rascal? Luckily for us he said yes – so do come and hear him.

At Theale (Village Hall, Englefield Road, 8.30 every Tuesday) the list of guest trumpeters gets ever longer. Sadly, I’ll miss Mike Henry (2nd) & Andy Dickens (9th) but I’m back for Pete Rudeforth (16th), Alan Brock (23rd) and Chas McDevitt (30th)

I shall also miss the super violin playing of Ben Holder with Pete Allen at the Chequers, Newbury on October 7th, 3pm. I think he’s terrific, and he and Pete will blow up a storm.

The Big Bears are going down to Bournemouth on Thursday, October 18th as part of a Saga Jazz Holiday at the Queens Hotel. Should be a good week. Do get onto Saga if you fancy it; I think there is still space for a few more.

Well that’s it from me for now. Take care but keep Jazzing – we need you!