Zelda’s Jazz Room, October 2017 Jazz at the Lamb, October 2017

October Jazz Notes

Welcome to another set of Jazz Notes. Zelda and I returned from a splendid holiday just in time for the Delta Six at Z.J.R. The only member of this band well known to us was that splendid trumpeter John Shillito, who is more familiar to us fronting his own bands. The leader on this occasion was banjoist Bob Rowbotham, ably supported in the rhythm section by a fine pianist, Swiss-born Barbara Widmer, who is married to bass player Tony Taylor. Excellent New Orleans style drumming was provided by Paul Bacon, whose wife Liz, playing lovely George Lewis inspired clarinet, completed the front line. September is often a tricky month financially, as many of you are away; but a smallish (but perfectly formed) audience was treated to some fine New Orleans style jazz.

In October we have a return visit from clarinettist Chris Walker’s Pedigree Jazz Band, who have made themselves a niche by playing a programme of many of the tunes successfully recorded during the 50s and 60s by such luminaries as Acker, Kenny Ball, Chris Barber, Terry Lightfoot et al. So be prepared to be swept back to your youth by a band which plays them very well.

At the Lamb we welcome back Lizzie Newbery to sing with the Rascals of Rhythm. She last came to Wantage in February and delighted you (and the band) with great songs sung with boundless energy, enthusiasm and skill. We had a lot of fun then and doubtless will again.

In September our guest was Zoe Lambeth, who lives in Devon, so we haven’t seen her for some time. She gets a beautiful sound on clarinet and a pretty raunchy one on the baritone sax, as well as playing fine alto sax. She also has a delightful vocal style which was new to us so we mustn’t leave it so long before we ask her to join us again, when we can feature it more.

Tuesday nights at the Village hall, Englefield Road, Theale continue on their merry way. The list of guests is too long to go through here but you can guarantee an evening of hot jazz there every week starting at 8.30.

For those to the North of the county, the Rascals are at The Walnut Tree at Blisworth, near Northampton, on Sunday 15th at midday.

Are any of you members of U3A? A trio of Rascals will be at Blackthorne Village hall, near Bicester, under their auspices on Wednesday October 18th at 1.30. (Yes, I’ll be dashing back in time for ZJR!)

There isn’t a Pete Allen session at the Checkers in Newbury early next month as Pete (and I) are off on the Douro in Portugal for a week to play for a Saga cruise. (Well someone has to!) The October session, on the 1st, was a marathon to celebrate the anniversary of Pete’s first gig with his own band 39 years ago (same venue, same date, same day!) and no, I wasn’t with him then – I joined in Jan 1996 – but I certainly was for this one.

I was speaking the other day to someone who used to come to jazz events in Wantage (in the days of Lains Barn), but is now unable to drive so can’t come. There are others I am aware of who don’t like driving at night any more. It might be useful to think of ways of helping them to get out, which I’m sure would be enjoyable and of benefit to them and be good for us to boost our income a bit. If you are one of those, or know anyone in this category, perhaps we could list them to see if they could be collected in some way. Anyone got any bright ideas?

Zelda and I look forward to seeing you at one (or more) of these events, and to all of you who support our efforts, a big Thank You.

Keep Jazzing.