Please phone Dave on 01235 765648 or send an . You can hear (and see!) samples of our music on this site. A compilation CD is available on request.

The Rascals of Rhythm work regularly at festivals, jazz clubs, restaurants and parties. They are available for all kinds of functions as a self-contained five-piece unit with the aforementioned musicians as regular members. It is possible to break the band down into quartet, trio or even duo formats if the circumstances demand, though of course some of the unique flavour of the band may be lost.

The Rascals are organised  to work with guest musicians or vocalists. Susanne Sheehy has recently begun singing with us. Simply state your requirements and preferences.

The Big Bear Stompers, being a nine-piece outfit, tends to work at the bigger clubs and festivals, but the band is available for all kinds of functions with their infectious brand of “Good Time Jazz”. It may be possible to break down the band into smaller units according to circumstances. Discuss your needs with Dave.